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Enable NFC contactless retail and turn products into point-of-sale

Add a Spring to any product to make it smart. Our technology enables consumers to interact with Spring by tapping or scanning it with their smartphones. Use for on-shelf, on-pack, pop-ups, concessions and re-order.

Engaging promotions

On product.

Make online and in-store experiences as frictionless as possible. Expand into digital ranges and personalise offers and sales based on location. On tags, racks, packaging, or the product itself.

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Turn products into a point of sale


Brands can now scale their internet of things (IoT) initiatives even faster, reaching out to more consumers directly to sell more products, improve stock management, and drive impact through sustainability initiatives. On-shelf, trolleys, baskets, walls, furniture, and promotional displays.

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Instant information


Drive customers to online inventory, demonstrate product provenance, sell gift cards, and run loyalty programmes. On storefronts, seating, or in high-traffic areas, lifts, and concessions.

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Engagement. Delivered.

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Spring can be used in a variety of ways, from accepting payments to sharing content. Simply create a landing page on our platform or redirect to your own landing page to get instant mobile browser content.

The benefit of Spring to brands, shoppers and retailers

  • Brands

    Put a re-order Spring on the product and connect it to your online store. Manage stock levels in-store while also giving customers the option to purchase online. Display interactive product information, detailed reviews, or connect with a virtual sales representative. Add VR/AR to quickly and affordably create a better shopping experience.

  • Shoppers

    Get customer service throughout the retail environment, as well as access to product sources, ingredients, and stories to help you make informed purchasing decisions. Take advantage of personalised rewards and promotions.

  • Retailers

    Set up a pay point anywhere you want for product, service or gift card sales. Connect to payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, and mobile applications. Allow online retailers to easily open concession spaces. Turn every product or location into a point of sale, and use exclusive offers and product releases to boost basket value.

Ready to enhance your customers' experience?

Use cases

Spring is used by the most forward-thinking retailers to ensure their customers browse less and do more. For more ideas, check out our other use cases.

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    Mobile payment services

    Micropayment services delivered through Spring gives you the flexibility to develop innovative, groundbreaking technology.

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    Digitalise customer care

    Self-service support in any geographical location, in retail, in-office or in public spaces.

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    On product touchpoints

    Through packaging and in-store displays, increase customer spending on applications, add-ons and services.

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